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Boost Employee Morale Around the Office

It’s common for employees to need a little extra encouragement around this time of year. That silly groundhog predicted more weeks of winter are to come. The sun seems to hide from us more than often. And the winter temperatures make us long for fresh spring blooms and the new approaching season.

If you’re in charge of employees and looking for ways to get a little “boost” this month, try some of these ideas. We work with a lot of Worcester businesses and see some common trends from time to time. It doesn’t have to take much, or cost much, but a little gesture can really go a long way. Especially when you’re giving your employees a break from their glaring computer screens and file cabinets.

Ideas for Improving Employee Morale

Looking for a way to turn those employees’ frowns upside down? Try a few of these ideas…


Boost Morale around the office with Coffee!! Photo Source.

1. Free Coffee!

If you don’t currently offer coffee to your employees, consider finding a way to give them a morning boost and add java to the routine. If you don’t have a coffee maker in the office, you could have coffee catered in, say each Friday. Or, if you do currently offer coffee – try ordering some new flavors to try something different. If you’re in the Worcester, MA area, hit up Acoustic Java for great ideas on seasonal and trendy flavors.

2. Go Play a Game!

Our friends at Turn The Page Marketing just took their entire team out last week for laser tag on a Friday afternoon. This was a great way to not only get employees moving (which is said to lower stress), but it also gave them a way to bond and get their minds off of work. If you can afford a few hours and the expense of taking your team to a team-building activity, it will have big payoffs in the end.

3. Notes of Encouragement for your Employees!

“Dear Joan, great job on that proposal last week. We’re thankful you’re on the team.”

Something short and sweet like that can really make a HUGE dent in an employee’s morale. A kind word can make someone’s awful day suddenly turn around. If you notice an employee has been putting in extra hours or doing a great job, make sure they know that you notice. Write a hand-written card and leave it on their desk. Or, if you’re short on time, even an email will work. Finding ways to encourage your employees will really help boost their motivation and endurance on the job when the going gets tough.

4. Have a Jeans Week!

If you’re in the business where it would be OK for employees to wear jeans, consider having a “jeans week.” There’s something about getting to come to work in relaxed clothes that boosts motivation to even go to work! To have purpose behind the week, you could even choose a charity and have people “pay” to wear jeans each day. Have a special lunch where you fundraise too and then donate the money to a charity at the end of the week.

5. Order New Supplies!

If you’re not in the position to give a raise or extra time off, you could boost your employees’ morale by ordering them new supplies. Plus, these are a write-off, so it’s a win-win. It’s amazing how far a package of their favorite pens or plenty of copy paper will do. Or, buy them something fun, yet small, to sit on their desk. New supplies are a small way to show an employee you value you them and want them to be equipped to do the best job they can. It also shows that you notice them, and are a grateful employer.

Those are 5 ideas to get you started on boosting your employee morale around the office.

Did we miss any – let us know if you have other ideas!

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