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Don’t Skip the Background Check

There are multiple steps involved in the hiring process. List the job opening, recruit great talent to interview, choose an applicant, negotiate an offer … by the time you’ve reached the offer stage you’re ready to roll. However, it’s important to not neglect the background checks – no matter how much time you’ve invested in the selection process. Just ask the school districts in Delaware


Don't make the offer without running a background check first.

Problems with Teachers in Delaware

The DoverPost.com is reporting on problems coming out of Delaware schools – namely inappropriate sexual relationships between teachers and their teenage students. State representative Greg Lavelle is quoted:

There have been more than a dozen Delaware teachers charged in connection with alleged instances of sexual misconduct over the last five years,” Lavelle said. “As both a parent and a public servant, I find this disturbing on many levels.

Apparently, some of the problem lies with the process of background checks. Because so many teachers are hired in August, several offers are made before the final background report comes back. However, the allegations have caused lawmakers, parents and district officials to begin re-considering their hiring policies. (Read the full article here…)

A push for background checks and criminal records before a contract is signed is underway. And although it may not solve all of the problems, leaders are convinced that revamping the background check process is at least a step in the right direction.

Prioritize your Background Checks

It’s not just important for the school districts to have background checks performed on employees before making an offer. Any business or organization that doesn’t run a background check and drug test on a new employee places a workplace at risk. In a world where violence, inappropriate sexual relationships and fraud hit the headlines each night – it’s not worth the risk to take. Make sure you know the background on the person you hire.

Our Worcester, MA office can handle your background checks for you. We’ll get that agenda item off your desk and onto ours to ensure that you’ve found great talent before you make the official hire. You’ll reduce your risk and keep your workplace safe while not skipping the process and putting your business in harm’s way.

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