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The Legal Drug | How to Combat Synthetic Drugs in the Workplace

We’ve visited the topic of synthetic drugs in the past but they continue to be a challenge for business owners and managers. Because these legal herbal substances  mimic some of the same effects as real drugs, if you are a business owner, testing your employees for snythetic drugs can help you produce a safer work environment.

Spice is one of the most popular synthetic drugs on the market.

What are Synthetic Drugs?

The most popular of all the synthetic drugs are the ones that mirror marijuana. Basically, natural herbal mixtures are created by companies and then sprayed with a chemical. The most common synthetic drugs out there are called K2 and Spice which is publicized as being similar to marijuana, but completely safe. The key word is publicized. In reality some of the effects of these drugs have been deadly, especially for younger adults and adlolecents.

The real problem is that using the substance can become addictive, and with anything addictive, an overdose can happen very easily.

A Gateway Drug

Because snythetic drugs are dangerous and could be dangerous many states have banned them all together. The possibilities for harm have caused the Drug Enforcement Administration to extend a ban on some of the top synthetic drugs, mainly the ones resembling marijuana.

Since any drug can be addictive, making products that closely resemble drugs can lead people to want to try the real thing. Adolecnts are especially at risk for using a “legal” herb and then wanting to try the real thing. Using a snythetic drug can create a serious addiction to a real drug that can effect a person’s everyday life.

Employee Testing

Even if you you do not think that you have any employees using synthetic drugs, it doesn’t hurt to have a random synthetic drug test done for your business. The benefits of testing far out weigh not finding the problem in the first place.

Work Efficiancy

As a business owner you want your employees to function at their highest potential. When an employee is using synthetic drugs, their ability to perform well can be significantly lowered. Synthetic drugs have been reported to have negative side effects. These side effects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased heart rates
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia

Threat to Co-Workers

When one person is slacking on their job, the moral between co-workers is definitely lowered. Co-workers then have to pick up the slack for the person who is not performing well. When low moral and extra work become a norm at your business, people begin to burn out quickly.

Using a synthetic drug during the work day can also create an unsafe environment. If an employee is disoriented he could greatly injure himself or a fellow employee.

If you think someone at your business is using a synthetic drug find a drug testing facility in your area. At ARCpoint labs in Worcester, we have a drug test specifically for K2 and similar synthetic products. Our labs can come to you or you can send your employees to our testing facilities. Keep your work place safe by having your employees tested for synthetic drug use.

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