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Even the IRS Needs Help With Pre-Employment Screening

Now we don’t really want to come down hard on the IRS … after all, as a small business in Worcester, we kind of need them on our side. However, we thought they have a good story that many other businesses can relate with. After all – if the IRS gets lax on their pre-employment screening, that probably means many others are, too.

Even the IRS needs help with pre-employment screening.

IRS Employment Screening

The article by Eric Yoder of The Washington Post tells the story. Read the full story about IRS Employee Screening Methods Lacking.

But, here’s the short version:

  • The IRS hiring methods were audited.
  • More than 3/4 of the hiring actions by the IRS hadn’t been fully completed.
  • To be hired by the IRS, you undergo a very detailed, “fine tooth combed” process.
  • It’s not that the process isn’t there, it’s just that the records are inconsistent.
  • Many of the records inconsistent were that of fingerprints.
  • Since the audit, the IRS has improved record-keeping processes for pre-employment screenings.

Why Employment Screening & Records?

The IRS is a good example of how difficult it can be to keep good records, even when it comes to something as important as employee screening. And if the IRS needs help in this area, you KNOW it’s difficult!

We love this story because hopefully it shows business owners some hope, and if you’re feeling a little guilty – it cuts you some slack. It’s hard to make sure you take all of the right steps pre-employment wise. It’s so easy to skip a few when you’re busy and need to hire someone NOW.

Business Partner for Pre-Employment Screening

We partner with businesses to handle the entire pre-employment screening process. We’ll take care of checking the backgrounds and drug use of your employee, and then provide you with easy reports to file maintain. Don’t stress over this process anymore, and don’t worry if you’ve got things falling through the cracks. We’ll make it easy for you.

After all, if the IRS needed a little hep this area, surely you do, too.

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