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How to Know If Your Employee Is High

So candy wrappers litter the cubicle and your employee looks like he’s been crying for days. So you start your mental checklist. Did somebody die? Family troubles? Stressful workload or rude clients? If nothing seems to pan out, maybe you should review the signs of drug use. Because believe it or not, that could be what’s going on.

If you’re in an office with several employees and don’t know them personally, it might be very difficult to tell if they are high. However, if you’re a close-knit group and have come know your employees very well, here are some signs to look for if you think something is unusual or strange.


Is your employee eating non-stop? That's just one sign they might be high.

Signs Your Employee is High

Some of us ran with the wrong crowd in high school and are pretty aware of the signs of drug use. However, others of us have no idea what to look for, or what signs point to someone being high. If you’re in the dark, here’s a quick guide on how to identify the signs that an employee could be on drugs

Smell It Out

Certain drugs give off a pretty strong odor. Marijuana, for one, has a sweet, strong smell that comes with it. Sometimes it can initially smell like cigars if you’re not familiar with the scent, but after a while you’ll notice something smells funny. If you don’t smell drugs on your employee, you may also be able to tell if they’re high if they’ve begun wearing large amounts of cologne or perfume to mask the smell.

Observe Eating Habits

Marijuana is known to give people the “munchies” and make them hungry. Some drugs suppress appetites (many “harder” drugs) however others make employees eat unusual amounts. Watch and see if you can tell if there’s a change in dietary habits.

Look Them In the Eyes

Can they sit still or focus? Or, are their pupils dilated? Perhaps their eyes are watery or bloodshot. All of these could point to signs of drug use.

Did you Suddenly Become Funny

Drugs often alter the state of someone’s attitude and behavior. Suddenly a shy person can become very outgoing and silly, while a funny staff member can become withdrawn and quiet. Behavior modification is one of the surest signs of drug use – although it can also stem from many other factors, too. Observe your employee’s behavior over a few weeks to determine if drug use could be the culprit.

Do they think you’re deaf?

Last, if you’ve suddenly become hilarious to your employee and they have lost all sense of loudness, that could be a sign they are high too. Those who are high tend to speak louder and are less aware of their surroundings.

Remember that all drugs impact people in different ways. And – not all drugs give the same effects. These are just a few of the best ways to identify drug use in an employee. Make sure to call our drug & alcohol testing facility if you want to know more!


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