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Progress on the Drug-Free Workplace Front

Sometimes statistics are boring. But sometimes they make all the difference in the world. And that’s exactly how we felt when we came across some information from a study on drug-free programs in the workplace.

Why Drug-Free Programs?

You might wonder, “Why bother with drug-free programs for the workplace?” Especially if you’ve got enough on your plate and you’re getting by without one. And while we understand how easy it is to think like this, we also think that some of these statistics might change your mind. Just imagine the thought:  your workers could become even more healthier, they’re absent less, they file fewer workers comp claims, they become more efficient.  Before you know it, it might just make your job easier.

The Drug-Free Workplace Study Results & Statistics

The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice released a study of Employee Drug Testing. Most of the respondents were organizations with 2,500 employees or less and half of them were publicly owned, for-profit companies with the largest industry responders coming from manufacturing and healthcare.

While the study was enlightening on many human resource professionals’ thoughts and opinions, here are the facts and statistics that stood out the most to us:

  • (Post-employment) Random testing has been shown to be the greatest deterrent of drug abuse on the job.
  • Nearly one-fifth (19%) of the human resource professionals reported a perceived increase in productivity after the implementation of drug testing program.
  • When the absenteeism of the company was greater than 15%, the implementation of a drug testing program showed a reduction in absenteeism from 9% to 4%.
  • The study participants reported a decrease in workers’ compensation incidence rates from 14% to 6% (among organizations with workers’ compensation incidence rates greater than 6%) after implementation of a drug testing program or an improvement of 57%.
  • Human resource professionals reported a 16% decrease in employee turnover once a drug testing program was implemented, 8% saw an increase in turnover which could have been the result of drug abusing employees seeking other employment, and 76% reported no change.

How do you like those statistics?

It just goes to show that drug-free workplace initiatives DO work. They may not always be the easy path to take, but studies are showing that in the end, they definitely pay off.

Source:  “Employee Drug Testing: Study Shows Improved Productivity and Attendance and Decreased Workers’ Compensation and Turnover,” The Journal of Global Drug Policy & Practice

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