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Creating Your Drug-Free Policy

Did you know that a drug-free policy is the BEST line of defense against alcohol and drug problems at your workplace? It’s the first step to take when ensuring that you have safe place to work and productive employees.

What is a Drug-Free Policy?

A drug-free policy might even be more of a program if planned properly. It’s a way to inform all employees of the boundaries regarding drugs and alcohol at work. A policy clearly states what you find acceptable and unacceptable – and what you’ll do if the employee acts in an unacceptable manner. When you have a program behind your policy, you can also have enforcements and action steps in the event the policy is violated.

How to Come Up with a Drug Free Policy

We recognze that creating a policy, especially if you’ve been in business for awhile, might not be the easiest endeavor. Employees who have grown used to drug or alcohol use at work, or before work, might be resistant to such a policy and claim it’s unfair. The risk of losing your labor force might be high, but remember that this is the best way to guarantee productivity and safety in the future. If you take a momentary “hit,” remember that it will eventually make your organization stronger.

Details of a Drug Free Policy

Each drug free policy will look different, depending on your industry and your environment. Oil well diggers, for example, might have different pre-employment screening and random drug testing procedures than say, an advertising account executive. Plus, different workplaces call for different approaches when it comes to alcohol since some must prohibit it and others must use it to entertain clients.

Regardless of your details, each policy should include:

  • Detailed prohibitions
  • Allowances for an employee to discuss issues with a qualified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Testing contingencies
  • Employee privacy rights
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • A “grace” period before it becomes effective
  • An acknowledgement of receipt

Please call our ARCpoint Labs in Worcester if you need help setting up your Drug Free Policy. Many benefits could come your way like lower insurance premiums, increase productivity, savings through worker’s comp discounts and more. Call to get started on making your workplace a safer … more productive … work environment.


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