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Can You Cheat A Hair Drug Test?

Drug users have become sneaky over the years, and tightened screening methods and new ways of drug testing have been created in response. Even one of the latest, most-effective drug testing methods – hair follicle testing – has created quite a race among drug users trying to come up with ways to cheat the test.


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Why Try To Cheat a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Cheating methods like taking cleansing pills to dilute urine and providing placebos in place of an actual urine samples are nothing new to the drug testing industry. Some even try to find ways to cheat a urine test with another individual’s urine in hopes of appearing “clean” on the employer-mandated drug tests. Facilities (especially ours that follows DOT protocol) have created “safe rooms” to prevent these types of drug cheating situations; however, a hair test can actually solve many of these urine testing problems.

A hair follicle drug test is a great way to get an accurate drug test result. It’s mandated by several government agencies because of its effectiveness. The drugs that entered one’s bloodstream are carried into the hair follicles, and housed within the hair shaft itself for several months – if not up to a year or more. Hair drug tests can detect the use of many types of drugs.

Bleaching Hair Won’t Fake a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Some retail products tout that they can help you pass a hair follicle test through hair bleach, redye or even baking soda. Others recommend perm treatments. As a lab that performs many drug tests, we’ve not seen any of these products produce a reliable way of cheating a drug test.

Users have also either cut their hair extremely short and/or shaved off all body hair. In the end however, the new hair regrowth still contains traces of the chemicals from previous drug use.

The hair follicle test is the most accurate drug test because the evidence of drug use lives in the blood stream that goes to the hair follicle – so any sample provided of human hair will contain traces of the drug within the hair structure itself.

  1. October 14, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    I have had a binge..alcohol
    …will this show?

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