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AA Can Help your Alcoholic Employee

It’s pretty common knowledge that Alcoholics Anonymous, or “AA” exists for those with a drinking problem. We thought we’d share a little bit more about this great organization. It’s helped many employees recover from alcohol abuse and get back on their feet. And actually, it’s also helped many drug users, too.


Employee struggling with alcoholism? Direct them to AA.

About AA

AA began in 1935 in Akron, Ohio after a meeting between a stockholder and a surgeon. Both recovering alcoholics, they discovered the power of a group and universal spiritual values in the battle with alcoholism, thanks to a clergyman who had helped guide the way. They set out to form more groups, and quickly numbers were being added to growing list of those achieving sobriety.

The “textbook” of AA was published in 1939 by one of the founders who wrote out the “12 Steps of Recovery.” Between the textbook and series of articles by Cleveland press, the growth of AA exploded. It showed that sobriety could be “mass-produced.”

AA started a headquarters in New York and soon began receiving calls and requests for groups by the thousands. Meanwhile the original founders worked with new members, a foundation and the hospital in Ohio to bring recovery. It was one of the first times religion had been used with medicine to achieve sobriety.

Between mainstream media promoting the organization and public figures like John Rockefeller Jr. and friends on their side, the organization was a smash hit. Individuals came from all over requesting help with sobriety and information about starting a group in their city. A national convention was started, and as it’s grown over the years, it’s become a worldwide hit in the aid for sobriety. (paraphrased from AA’s History.)

How AA Works

There are meetings for AA all over the country, near most large cities in each state. Each group is led by men & women who’ve also faced alcoholism. There are no fees or dues for membership. The only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. Most AA groups follow a similar format – they have times of group discussion, encouragements, coins and tokens for acknowledgment of sobriety, public reciting and more.

Learn more about how a AA Group Works

The Benefits of AA for your Employees

AA is a wonderful program that has helped many along the road to recovery. As an employer, it’s a great (free) resource for you to direct any alcohol-abusing employees to. Individuals who attend are kept anonymous, and it’s within this group setting they receive life-changing help and find peace. Thousands … if not millions … of individuals have stopped drinking thanks to AA. Some may relapse, and others continue to struggle, but as long as AA keeps it mission of helping anyone with a desire to stop and sticks to its steps – many more will find a life of sobriety.

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