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Props to Exxon for Tightened Drug Screening


Props to Exxon for tightening drug screening

Today we have to give props to Exxon for going ahead and tightening drug screening protocols to keep their crews safe … and their company away from any unwanted accidents or press. According to a Bloomberg.com article, Exxon is switching to a hair follicle drug screening test rather than a urine test. This is with the hopes to:

– create fewer accidents

– get fewer calls to emergency centers

– reduce mistakes like water contamination and earthquakes

Why Tightened Regulations for Rig Workers

The tightened drug screening process comes after the oil industry is under tight scrutiny from lawmakers, shareholders, consumers and more. Drug use among rig workers in the oilfields tends to run high, and licensing procedures aren’t the same for oil rigs as they are some other machinery drivers. This has led to more workers using drugs while on the job, and an increase of serious accidents.

Decision makers at Exxon already feel like they’ve seen a reduced amount of accidents since the switch in drug screening and are confident that the new testing will allow them to better screen workers and continue increasing safety.

Hair Follicle Testing vs. Urine Tests

In the past, a standard urinalysis test has been performed to determine any drugs or alcohol in a pre-employment screening. However, although they are very popular still, urine tests have a long history of systematic cheating. They’ve proven to not always be as effective as other drug testing techniques, namely hair follicle testing.

In a hair follicle test, the drug or alcohol enters the blood stream and stays in the hair follicle for as long as 90 days, sometimes even up to a year. While the urine test may only show traces of the drug, a hair follicle test will give a true reading on if drugs have entered the blood stream. A hair follicle test cannot be faked nor cheated, even hair dyes claiming to “wash out” the evidence are not successful. A hair follicle test is the best method on the market to screen for drugs.

So, with all of that said – way to go Exxon! We think you made a smart switch with your drug testing and salute you in tightening up drug screenings around the workplace!

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