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What your Drug Using Employee May Cost You…

Drug testing employees. While some HR professionals may not be sold, we think the numbers speak for themselves. Simply put – if your employees use drugs, it will cost you more money. Just look at a few of these statistics:

Productivity from Drug-Using Employees

“Employees who are health-impaired due to substance abuse can be expected to exhibit lower productivity as a result of performance deficits, absenteeism, and higher turnover. One estimate of the financial impact of lost productivity due to substance abuse in the U.S. is $99 billion annually.”source

“The majority of these expenses result from lost work productivity (which will not be reflected in a health plan) and health care costs related to substance abuse.” source

Healthcare Costs of a Drug-Using Employee

“The health and safety risks of substance abuse can also be expected to impact insurance costs. Employees with substance-abuse problems, and their families, are more likely to use medical insurance, and the employees are more likely to file workers’ compensation claims. Estimates of the impact of substance abuse on health insurance premiums have been as high as $50 billion.” source

“Drug and alcohol problems cost the United States an estimated $276 billion a year.” source

Read more about the healthcare costs of a drug-using employee.

Liability of a Drug-Using Employee

“Workers reporting heavy alcohol use or illicit drug use, as well as workers reporting dependence on or abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs, are more likely to have worked for more than three employers in the past year.” source

“Workers have reported being put in danger, having been injured, or having had to work harder, to re-do work, or to cover for a co-worker as a result of a fellow employee’s drinking.” source

Bottom Line:

A drug-using employee will cost you. It costs productivity, heightens healthcare rates, increases turnover, and puts you at risk of liability. It’s important to have employees drug screened and tested upon hire, and throughout consequent years.

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