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What To Do About Occupy Worcester


Photo from occupyworcester.com

Although our small Massachusetts town may be hidden to some, the people of Worcester are powerful. They have heart. They have passion. So it’s not surprising that one of the smaller towns the Occupy movement has popped up in is Worcester, MA.

What’s the Worcester Occupy movement?

The Occupy movement made headlines a few months back when (mostly) peaceful protesters stood in front of Wall Street and demanded a change. Average families, middle-class citizens and employees of big and small companies are rising up and giving a voice to dissatisfaction with our economy. They say they’re tired of 1% of the population controlling the other 99%. They’re upset that they pay the price through foreclosed mortgages, higher fees, increased commodity prices – based on the “elite” decision making.

What to Do If Your Employees Are Part of Occupy Worcester

If you’re not sure how to handle “Occupy,” we offer a few ideas. Especially if you have employees involved in the movement. We’re also a Worcester business that deals with drug testing, DNA testing, wellness testing and more. Our sustainability depends on the people of this city. We need to think carefully about our response, our engagement, and our posture toward the movement. The Occupy Movement cannot easily be solved, as the FAQs on the Occupy Worcester address. There is a complexity of issues and problems in our nation that cannot be easily fixed.

What I’d say if you have an employee that’s involved in the Occupy Worcester is:

  • Keep political views out of the conversation.
  • Don’t allow personal views on the occupy movement to enter conversations with clients or customers.
  • Stick to your agreement on time off, personal time and sick time. If you’ve always been flexible – be flexible. However, if you’ve been strict on employee time in/time out, keep to that schedule.
  • If you’re a small business in Worcester, you may be in support of the movement. In that case, use this as a way to rally your employees and build teamwork.
  • If you’re a large business in Worcester – and your parent companies are being protested – stick to your values. Remember why your company exists and do the best job you can. Your employees have the choice to get involved, however, we recommend having a corporate communications plan. Send out information explaining the value of your company, wellness programs and employee incentives may help diffuse this in the workplace.

This is a tricky issue, and most of us are afraid to say anything about it. Especially because it’s turned political, and you can’t really say anything without offending someone these days. Honestly, I don’t think there’s an easy answer for this. As Americans in a democracy, we’re entitled to movements like Occupy. But, I think that we need to always remember what we believe deep down, what’s got us to where we are, and who we want to be.

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