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Sneaky Synthetics | Employees on Drugs


Spice is one synthetic drug used as "fake marijuana"

The drug marketplace works very similarly to the technology marketplace. Every day, there is something new, and changes that are nearly impossible to keep up with. One of fastest growing markets among drug users is synthetic drugs. Popular among teens and those who “play it safe,” so to say – synthetics are appealing to those who want to legally purchase drugs and get an intense high, without having to mess with a dealer or traditional routes of obtaining drugs.

What are synthetic drugs?

Synthetic drugs are sold under the guise of “bath salts,” “fake pot” or “fake cocaine.” Stores also label synthetic drugs as “herbal smoking blends.” These drugs are sold in head shops around the country – you know, those supposedly “innocent” stores that happen to have candles and hemp lining the shelves with special “pipes” in the glass case near the checkout. Bath salts and packets of synthetic drugs are sold off retail shelves, just like milk and bread, yet have a major impact on the health of our nation, and particularly our teens.

Why are synthetic drugs harmful?

Individuals turn to synthetic drugs because they are easy to obtain. As of right now, they’re perfectly legal to sell in the USA (under Federal law; several states have outlawed them.) Plus, they’re known to produce a high that is even stronger than “traditional” drugs. Even though the DEA has outlawed synthetic drug compounds (like K2 – fake pot), manufacturers are smart and find new ways and new compounds to continue the drug production. And although states may outlaw synthetics, the drugs are still sold online. While synthetic drugs may be easier to obtain, their danger actually runs higher than “traditional” drugs, as many have wound up in the ER with seizures, paranoia, and even fatalities after use.

Your employees and synthetic drugs.

It’s important to know that a standard 5-panel drug test, or even a 10-panel drug test, won’t pick up synthetic drug use. These tests are designed to look for the “biggies” in traditional drug use:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • THC (Marijuana)

Because synthetic drugs are produced out of materials not detectable on a standard drug test, unique testing methods are required, like a drug test specifically for synthetic drugs. This test can determine if an individual is getting high on synthetic compounds like K2, Spice, Red Dragon, Serenity (among other names.)

The best way to determine if an individual is using synthetic drugs is to request a test specifically designed for synthetic drugs. This will test the urine, and return results in up to 10 days. If your employee is using synthetic drugs, it’s not impossible to prove; it just takes a different approach to testing. But, sticking with your drug-free policy will be important for the health and safety of your business, and your employees.

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