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California & Prop 19 | Legalizing Marijuana

More addictions. More absenteeism from workers. More violence. More accidents.


California voters saw the negatives legalizing marijuana would cause.

That was the stated conclusion from California voters who turned down the ballot measure last year to end the state’s “prohibition” on marijuana and end the ban on cannabis. Those for the measure tried to persuade that recreational marijuana use had a positive effect on the community – it could bring extra cash to the state, help deal with the crisis in Mexico, and even help reduce crime.

However, conservatives in state didn’t buy it – and shot down the initiative.

Is Pot All That Harmful?

In our confused culture, one in two individuals are for the legalization of marijuana and don’t see it’s harmful effects. In a recent report, some teenagers didn’t even see smoking marijuana as a harmful, illegal drug. The Monitoring the Future study stated that, “(There have been) softening attitudes for the last 2 years about the risk of using marijuana.”

According to Peter Bensinger, former Administrator of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, legalizing marijuana would bring more harm than good. In his Chicago Tribune article about drug laws, he points to several statistical data that proves marijuana’s harmful effects:

  • Marijuana puts one at a higher risk of causing motor vehicle accidents.
  • Marijuana causes higher accidents, absenteeism and disciplinary problems in the workplace.
  • Marijuana has more cancer causing agents than tobacco.

Bensinger states that The FDA, the World Health Organization and The American Cancer Society have all concluded that smoking marijuana is neither safe nor effective.

Legalizing Marijuana and Your Employees

While you may have several employees pro-legalizing marijuana, research has shown that drug-using employees cost an employer more, and bring unwanted issues to the workplace. To keep your workplace safe, continue posting your drug-free policy, performing regular employee drug screening tests, and advocating wellness and health among your workers.

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