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Guam Government Employee Tests Positive For Drug

We realize that headlines from Guam may not always be hitting our top news stories in the US, but this recent bit of info about a 10-year lapsed drug test for government employees caught our eye.


A corrections officer in Guam tested positive after a random drug test.

The GovGuam agency in Guam had instituted a “drug-free workplace policy” in 1995. Similar to our government’s “drug-free workplace” policies, Guam saw the importance of drug-free employees for the safety of the organization and clients. Under this mandate, employees who worked in Guam’s public health and safety were supposed to be tested frequently for drug use. That included employees in the Department of Corrections agency.

Key word – supposed to be.

Apparently, the agency had been slacking on the employee drug testing – like 10 years slacking. The article reports that when the agency began to randomly drug test employees, one employee came up positive. And now the agency is being questioned not only on the future of this employee, but why it took 10 years to do drug testing on employees.

Why a Drug-Free Workplace Policy?

This story reminds us about the importance of maintaining a drug-free workplace policy. And especially as a government agency. As business owners, drug-using employees may cost more money and time. As a government agency, or an agency that receives federal funds, you’ll be breaking drug-free workplace laws if your employees are not drug-free. You put your organization’s future … and future funding … at risk by NOT testing employees.

A drug-free workplace will have five parts:

  • A Drug-Free policy
  • Supervisor training
  • Employee education
  • Employee assistance
  • Drug testing

Contact us if you need assistance formulating your company’s drug-free workplace policy.

Drug Testing Employees

Randomly drug testing employees is critical to maintain a drug-free workplace. Several independent labs offer these services on-site, or at a convenient location. Contact us in Worcester, MA if you’re interested in employee drug testing services.

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